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CPG Manufacturers Can Reduce Supply Chain Costs 10%-20% with Product Lifecycle Logistics

Manufacturers in the margin-challenged consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry look for efficiencies in every nook and cranny of their supply chains. Still, millions of dollars in potential savings remain elusive. Why? Because the focus is on wringing small, incremental savings from discrete supply chain functions. Although individually optimized, these functions are collectively out of sync.

CPG companies need to attack the structural blind spots in their organizations that prevent them from looking across departmental silos and managing their supply chains as one, combined whole. This approach, called Product Lifecycle Logistics, breaks through the barriers to supply chain efficiency. By eliminating the waste and redundancy that are part of today's compartmentalized supply chains, Product Lifecycle Logistics can reduce supply chain costs by an average of 10% to 20%.

Download GENCO's Product Lifecycle Logistics in the Consumer Product Goods Industry white paper.

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