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Access to more than 10,000 qualified carriers and over $1.5 billion in transportation spend

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3PL Providers
helping transportation logistics professionals rise to the challenges

In the supply chain, the most vital link is the transportation logistics sector. For the transportation management professional, however, meeting the commitments of this critical role has never been tougher.

With a shortage of capacity, tighter regulations, reduced transportation management staffing, shrinking IT budgets, and the proliferation of modal choices—all framed against a backdrop of increased customer demand—the time is right to find a trusted outsourced logistics provider.

Helping transportation logistics professionals rise to the challenges of a very competitive market is where a third party logistics (3PL) provider like GENCO can step in.

Delivering the Goods

GENCO, the leader in Product Lifecycle Logistics®, offers a complete line of transportation logistics solutions that can be tailored to your specific situation:

  • Managed Transportation - Full outsourcing of transportation management functions ranging from tactical transportation procurement to full inbound- and outbound-managed transportation, leveraging our best-in-class talent and tools
  • Supply chain engineering - Our supply chain engineers leverage best-in-class tools and their deep expertise to unlock pragmatic value hidden in our customers’ supply chains through fleet analysis, network design and transportation analysis, just to name a few.

GENCO has access to more than 8,000 qualified carriers and over $1.5 billion in transportation spend, enabling us to leverage established relationships for the best rates. We benchmark data; our solutions are validated and objective; and our best-in-class technology, MercuryGate, provides unparalleled visibility. You’ll have confidence knowing that these carriers meet GENCO’s standards for safety, on-time delivery and regulatory compliance.

GENCO is non-asset-based and non-asset-biased; this means when we analyze your transportation needs, there is no predisposition to use our trucks - because we don’t have any.

You can rest assured that you are getting the right solutions at the right price for your customers.

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