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LTL Broker

GENCO freight brokerage services simplify the LTL shipping process by giving you one point of contact for not only spot moves but all of your LTL requirements. We’ll leverage our nationwide network of carriers to get your shipment covered at the right price.

Your LTL freight broker will be one of our experienced transportation professionals who not only can manage your LTL freight moves but also advise you on broader transportation and logistics strategies.

GENCO Value Drivers for LTL Freight Brokerage

  • Large, Reliable Network - When you call, you can feel confident that we’ll have an LTL carrier to meet your needs.
  • 24/7 Nationwide Coverage - Unlike other LTL freight brokers, we can handle any type load, from one pallet to a full trailer, around the clock, around the country.
  • Variety of Moves - Our LTL brokerage service can handle moves not covered by your normal LTL freight operations, including coverage for your emergency and expedited shipments.
  • Enhanced Control - Our easy-to-use, Web track-and-trace tool provides complete visibility to your shipment status so you’ll be able to report exactly what’s happening with your freight.
  • Reduced Rates - We leverage our more than $1.5 billion in annual transportation management to get you the lowest rates possible.

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