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Bulk Freight Broker

Do you struggle to find freight capacity for bulk freight moves?

GENCO’s freight brokerage service gives you access to a network of carriers with a wide range of equipment for dry and liquid bulk shipments.

We understand the specialized nature of bulk shipments and have experience handling grain, oil, gas and other commodities. Our carriers know their product, know their equipment and have the experience to move bulk loads safely and on time.

GENCO Value Drivers for Brokerage Services for Bulk Freight

  • Expanded Capacity - Gain access to greater capacity through our wide range of equipment, including tanker trucks for liquid bulk freight.
  • Single Point of Contact - As a valued GENCO customer, you will be assigned an experienced transportation professional who works closely with you and our bulk freight partners.
  • Virtual Capacity - Our bulk freight shipping service gives you virtual capacity for all shipments not covered by your normal network, including coverage for emergency and expedited shipments.
  • Enhanced Control - Through our easy-to-use, Web track-and-trace tool, you’ll have visibility to your shipment status 24/7.
  • Reduced Rates - We leverage our $1.5 billion in annual transportation management to get you the lowest rates possible.

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