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The dynamics of the technology ecosystem require more than a click or an app for companies to survive, let alone thrive.

Large companies are integrating with smaller companies in the mobility, ITAD, computing and other industries.

As such, the consolidated companies are offering complementary services that allow them to preserve margin stack by going outside their comfort zone.

These companies have plenty of bandwidth for investment in new products and services, putting increased pressure on their supply chains to deliver to a customer with increasing expectations.

The competitive landscape, defined by consolidation and an expanding international footprint, features innovations at every turn.

A Convergence of Lifecycles

If recent events are any indication, today’s consumers are in for a real treat when it comes to the future of technology.

For example, digital convergence is on display virtually everywhere, from set top boxes and gaming systems to smartphones and tablets.

While at work, people are using apps to control their homes’ thermostats and security systems.

New versions of technology are introduced quickly, leaving a saturation of used-but-virtually-as-good-as-new products such as smartphones that still have a viable market.

So, as manufacturers jockey for positioning in an extremely competitive environment, everyone wants to know: What’s next?

Cutting Edge

Your supply chain can’t wait for what’s next. It has to be agile, responsive and innovative - just like the products you develop.

New products must hit the market on time and in the correct quantity. The return process has to be seamless. A reliable, customer-focused repair/refurbishment network needs to be in place.

GENCO is the only technology industry logistics provider that offers Product Lifecycle Logistics® for consumer electronics, with proven expertise in areas critical to your success.

Technology Industry Expertise

  • Final Product Configuration - Offering high-speed product assembly and packaging operations within distribution centers, GENCO provides services such as last-minute re-flash, software updates, kitting and packaging.
  • Warehousing and Distribution - We combine high-volume, serialized fulfillment with all modes of non-asset-based freight management services.
  • Reverse Logistics - We provide serialized tracking of every returned item, as well as call center and return center management, warranty claims processing and advanced exchange.
  • Test, Repair and Refurbishment - With multiple repair sites in the United States and Mexico, GENCO has the resources to do diagnostic and failure analysis, cosmetic and technical repair, and re-programming.
  • Electronics Liquidation - Our multichannel liquidation program ensures maximum recovery value on store returns, surplus and end-of-life products.
  • Technology Services - GENCO provides a full suite of offerings from software development to CPI clearing.

One Partner for Technology Industry Logistics

Find savings opportunities with one partner for consumer electronics logistics services, from import and FTZ services to end-of-life liquidation. Email or call 1-800-677-3110 to reach a technology industry logistics expert.

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