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Reducing your carbon footprint. Limiting landfill use. Saving energy.

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Lean & Sustainability
eliminating waste to produce maximum efficiency

Going “green” is emerging as a core competency as well as a competitive advantage of more and more companies.

GENCO is committed to making sustainability—in the environment, the community and the workplace—an economically sound, integral element of everything we do.

As an industry leader, we recognize that being sustainable is not only the right thing to do but it also makes good business sense.

Sustainable business practices are helping companies in all industries reduce costs and improve operations. Organizations are taking steps to reduce energy costs and lower their carbon output as a way to control production expenses. These strategies are not only good for the environment, but they can improve the efficiency of supply chains.

Green Logistics Can Be Lean

Sustainability affects all aspects of the supply chain. GENCO is committed, as a responsible citizen of the communities in which we operate, to conduct business with sensitivity to the environment, the needs of the community and the financial components that allow for continued operational success.

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Product Lifecycle Logistics White Paper Labor of Lean Case Study

Driving this commitment is GENCO’s Lean culture. Lean and sustainability share a common goal: maximize efficiency of a system or process by eliminating waste.

The questions that people ask - How can we do this better? Does this add value to the customer? - to spur the Lean process apply to sustainability.

For example:

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