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An experienced reverse logistics partner who provides streamlined services, custom solutions and generates maximum recovery

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Optimizing Recovery
and clearing inventory space

With returns processing, companies often are caught in the crossfire of several critical decisions—decisions that could be costly to the bottom line.

Managing potentially thousands of vendors and hundreds of thousands of returns, companies face a big challenge in optimizing recovery and clearing space of inventory.

You need an experienced partner that knows the ins and outs of reverse logistics, provides streamlined services and custom solutions, and generates maximum recovery.

GENCO is the forefather of reverse logistics, having created automated processes to efficiently process returned products. GENCO’s reverse logistics expertise lets you focus on your core competencies.

Our complete service offering includes:

The Reverse Logistics Pioneer

GENCO pioneered the development of reverse logistics as a professional discipline and remains the undisputed global leader in this industry. Each year we process hundreds of millions of returns, helping our customers:

  • Improve cash flow and reduce inventory through fast, automated processing of store and consumer returns
  • Streamline operations through systemic return center management and a Lean methodology
  • Manage compliance with internal policies and vendor agreements
  • Drastically reduce labor hours for store-level processing
  • Maximize value for returned goods through GENCO’s wide range of liquidation channels
  • Improve retailer-vendor relations through fast, accurate application of vendor credits.

Comprehensive Solution for Reverse Logistics Management

GENCO’s reverse logistics services are supported by our proprietary returns processing software, as well as inventory liquidation services and damage research, which reduces the volume of returns through the identification and elimination of warehouse and in-transit damage.

We can provide these services as part of a custom reverse logistics solution or combine them with forward logistics services as part of a total Product Lifecycle Logistics® solution.

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