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Return Center Operations

return center operation

By applying reverse logistics best practices, GENCO can help lower your overall return center costs - space, labor and freight - between 15% and 25%.

You can achieve these savings through:

  • Reduced store and warehouse labor hours. By automating manual processes, our R-Log® reverse logistics software can cut labor costs up to 80%.
  • Reduced cycle time. Product moves quickly through the reverse supply chain according to business rules programmed right into the system.
  • Reduced inventory levels. Fast processing means you won’t be holding on to returned product any longer than you need or want to.

GENCO Value Drivers for Reverse Center Operations

  • Benchmarking — GENCO operates return centers for some of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers. As a result, we have the data to benchmark your operations against average and best practice performance.
  • Automation — Our R-Log software is the industry’s first and leading software application to automate the reverse logistics process, virtually eliminating human error and significantly reducing manual processes, paperwork and duplicate effort.
  • Continuous Improvement — Internal continuous improvement teams ensure that your operations never stop getting better and more efficient.

Regional Return Centers

Another area in which to gain efficiency is the use of GENCO’s regional return centers, dispersed across the United States and designed to be shared by multiple customers.

With regional return centers, customers share space, fixed assets, overhead, equipment, software, scan lines, putaway locations, and processes, resulting in reduced costs for all participants. The regional return center model makes GENCO’s reverse logistics solution affordable for small to midsize companies.

Eliminate Product Returns Through Product Damage Research

Of course the best way to reduce the cost of processing returns is to eliminate returns resulting from damages. GENCO helps companies eliminate product damage by offering product damage research services.

We audit the supply chain process and identify and eliminate the root causes of product damage. We also help eliminate returns by analyzing returns data and recommending improvements on the front end, such as packaging changes.

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