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Product Customization and Postponement Services

product customization and postponement

Reduce your inventory and meet retailer demands for custom packaging by performing final product customization and completion just before shipment. Postponement strategies are essential for manufacturers to control inventory while meeting a growing consumer appetite for product variety.

Instead of maintaining a supply of finished SKUs in inventory, GENCO product customization and postponement services allow you to stock core components and then build a variety of finished products right in the warehouse.

GENCO can do simple product customization projects, such as point-of-purchase (POP) display building, or complex, such as attaching faceplates and other components to devices.

GENCO Value Drivers for Product Customization

  • Flexible staffing - When volume increases, control your labor costs and improve your ability to respond to last-minute customer requests.
  • Tier-1 warehouse management system - From managing kitting to final packaging, you will have visibility to products throughout the entire cycle.
  • Industrial engineering expertise - Our dedicated engineering team designs streamlined assembly processes to maximize efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Product Customization Services

GENCO performs a variety of value-added services in the warehouse to make your product "floor ready" when it hits your customers' docks. These services include:

  • Quality testing
  • Assembly
  • Kitting
  • Price marking
  • Creation of sample packs, multi-packs and club packs
  • Store-ready pallets
  • POP display building

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Membership Associations

  • Contract Packaging Association
  • Institute of Packaging Professionals
  • HACCP International Alliance

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