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Companies Pushing For Greener Supply Chains

Companies are facing increasing pressure from consumers to reduce their impact on the environment. Customers often respond positively when organizations highlight their efforts to go green.

Business Daily reports that an increasing number of companies are demanding solutions for creating more sustainable supply chains. These programs not only help the environment, but can save the company money from reduced energy costs while increasing value for the organization. Often, these initiatives can be expanded to include other departments and multiple facilities, creating a large impact on waste reduction and company savings.

Many organizations struggle to find cost-effective solutions to increase supply chain sustainability. One simple area that many businesses overlook is the warehouse. Supply Chain Digital notes that lighting and climate control improvements can increase the energy savings substantially in existing buildings. It could also make them more comfortable for workers, helping to increase their productivity.

Another simple way to save is by partnering with a reverse logistics firm for better managed transportation. These experts can help an organization improve its shipment capacity, reducing the number of trips that need to be made and saving fuel. This can directly impact the company's bottom line as well as increase its sustainability.

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