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Technology Improving Transportation Management

Improving technology is helping to provide a number of innovations in managed transportation.

Fleetowner recently reported that local transportation companies are leading the way in GPS-based mobile resource management. These systems allow companies to monitor where their trucks are to provide information about delivery times, and organizations are continually finding new ways to use them to increase savings and efficiency.

This shift in technology is allowing companies to examine their routes to find the most efficient path and the lowest fuel prices. Savings on gas have become a major driving point in the development of fleets and trucking technology. The price of diesel has risen in recent weeks, reaching a national average of $4.132 per gallon. Companies that partner with a reverse logistics specialist for some of the transportation needs could improve their capacity, creating additional savings.

Better fuel management is not the only benefit organizations are seeing from digital systems. Many businesses are now integrating their warehouse management system to provide increased oversight of inventories. These programs allow retailers to track merchandise throughout the distribution network. This information can be shared across departments to increase forecasting accuracy and align policies and practices for additional efficiency.

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