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A Basic Rundown Of White House's Supply Chain Security Initiative

The White House is launching a concerted effort to securitize the global supply chain, particularly in how it relates to U.S. interests. The move reflects the growing importance of supply chain management in the face of a mounting sustainability crisis rife with social, economic and environmental imperatives.

According to Jason Busch, a contributor for Enterprise Irregulars, the main goals of the White House's supply chain initiative are to promote efficient and secure transportation of goods, and to foster a more resilient supply chain.

Toward that end, White House officials aim to enhance the "integrity" of goods as they move throughout the global supply chain. This entails addressing threats at the early stages of procurement and providing adequate security to base suppliers. Furthermore, to boost trade, analysts are stressing the importance of upgrading the supply infrastructure to meet performance goals.

"The second goal is to foster a global supply chain system that is prepared for and can withstand evolving threats and hazards and that can recover rapidly from disruptions," the White House reported in a brief. "To achieve this we will prioritize efforts to mitigate systemic vulnerabilities and refine plans to reconstitute the flow of commerce after disruptions."

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