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More Companies Voluntarily Disclosing Supply Chain Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is a broad-based term that refers to a variety of environmental, social, economic and logistical operations. As markets continue to decentralize, more pressure is being placed on companies to update their supply chain strategies accordingly.

With this in mind, the Forest Footprint Disclosure project and the National Wildlife Federation created a supply chain disclosure survey, which asks businesses whether they use products linked to deforestation. The number of U.S. organizations volunteering to disclose their impacts on forests nearly doubled last year.

"More and more, consumers want to know that the products they buy at the store are not doing harm to the planet," said Barbara Bramble, international policy advisor at the NWF. "In response, companies are seeking out ways to improve their supply chain sustainability and reduce their forest footprint. These efforts are having a positive effect on wildlife around the world."

According to Nathalie Walker, manager of NWF's Tropical Forests, Agriculture and Climate project, the goal of the survey is not merely to praise companies that are doing well, but to help those who are not in making smarter, more sustainable decisions for their supply chains.

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