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Report Urges New Supply Chain Models To Address Risks

A new report from the World Economic Forum suggests supply chains need better risk management to keep up with the ever-changing variables they regularly face.

Certain advances in globalization, lean processes, mass travel and geographical concentration have made some elements of the supply chain more efficient. However, they have also altered the risk profile, and organizations in the sector need to respond. Approximately 90 percent of those surveyed by WEF said supply chain and transport risk management has become a greater priority as a result.

"We must continue to strengthen global supply chains to ensure that they operate effectively in time of crisis; recover quickly from disruptions; and facilitate international trade and travel," notes PressOnSHD, citing U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. "As part of this effort, we look forward to working closely with our international partners in the public and private sector to build a more secure and resilient global supply chain."

Natural disasters have led to some states mandating insurers to disclose their risk assessments in regards to these events.

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