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Supply Chains Must Become 'dynamic' In 2012

Last year made the importance of proper supply chain management pretty clear, namely in that a slew of environmental catastrophes and resulting supply disruptions devastated markets the world over.

However, a number of analysts believe these "shocks" to the system will incite businesses to embrace dynamics instead of responsiveness. In other words, successful companies will leverage all matters of corporate finance, sustainability, strategy and other factors to satisfy their customers.

"The tactical adaptability and financial results of a dynamic supply chain can only come from a relentless focus on a company's core strategy, be it customer service, technical superiority, growth, speed or price competitiveness," Craig Gottlieb and Steve Puricelli, senior supply managers at Accenture, write for EBN Online.

Breakdowns of the supply chain tend to extend all the way to the customers and reverberate back to manufacturers, Gottlieb and Puricelli add. Manufacturers may find themselves in a situation where their returned products may not be faulty, but the the return experience and the perceived gap in product quality may have taken a toll on the customers' perceptions.

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