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Security Concerns For Supply Chains On The Rise

A recent Unisys Security Index revealed that overall security worries in the United States have risen more than 20 percent, which is high enough to earn the label of "serious," according to Logistics Management.

"The survey findings have serious implications for the supply chain," Patricia Titus, chief information security officer for Unisys, told the news source. "Transparency is key wherever you do business. Unfortunately, there's too little of it today."

Concerns about internet security saw the largest increase - 35 percent since August 2011. As technology advances, more business is conducted on the internet, which may make supply chain companies susceptible to attacks.

Network World suggests that companies can consider outsourcing their security services. Companies used to shy away from trusting their sensitive information to third-party security companies, but as security systems grow more complex, more businesses are opting to hire experts, rather than train their own staff.

Dr. Jeff Karrenbauer, president of Insight, Inc., told the news source that "heightened risks and outright disruptions are coming at us at a furious pace and it is absolutely critical that firms be prepared with detailed contingency plans."

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