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Technology's Impact On The Supply Chain

New technology is changing the way that businesses manage their supply chains. Logistics Viewpoints states that social media networks are helping companies to improve the transparency of their distribution networks. This is giving organizations additional control over their freight management strategies, improving overall efficiency.

Technology is giving businesses the ability to boost communication and coordination of purchases. By centralizing inventory through a digital warehouse management system, firms are able to improve market analysis, identify trends and adjust order fulfillment strategies to provide better customer service. Despite all of these advantages, technology is also creating new challenges that companies need to meet.

Mobile technology and ecommerce are creating more demand for simple, hassle-free return policies. Consumers increasingly want businesses to offer in-store returns for items purchased online. Providing this level of service is forcing organizations to develop even more effective reverse logistics practices. Merchandise needs to be moved from various stores or warehouses to maintain balance and keep delivery times down, and failure to account for in-store returns can leave some areas overloaded with merchandise while ecommerce fulfillment centers lack specific items. Fortunately, reverse logistics specialists are able to help businesses initiate freight management strategies that utilize new technology to overcome existing challenges.

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