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Product Liquidation

GENCO provides product liquidation solutions through its subsidiary, GENCO Marketplace, the leading B2B liquidation source of surplus inventories.


GENCO Marketplace offers a full range of product liquidation services, including sales and marketing, warehousing and transportation, and financial settlement.

Using processes and technology developed for our reverse logistics solution, GENCO scans and inspects product in GENCO-managed return centers and categorizes them by product type, age, condition and other factors.

GENCO Marketplace then markets this product through multiple B2B and B2C channels for rapid liquidation and maximum asset recovery value.

GENCO Value Drivers for GENCO Marketplace’s Product Liquidation Services

  • Money Now - We will purchase your inventory so you get cash immediately and avoid the risk of reselling it in the secondary market. We can also sell your at-risk inventory on consignment.
  • No Compromise of Retail Sales - Through defacing services, export capabilities and other brand-protection strategies, we ensure that secondary market sales do not compromise retail sales of your first-quality products. Unlike other product liquidation companies, GENCO Marketplace has a compliance team that monitors adherence to your resale terms and conditions.
  • Maximum Recovery - GENCO Marketplace resells your at-risk inventory through multiple channels. As part of our liquidation services, we scan, inspect and sort products, then remarket them through the channel that will generate the fastest, highest recovery:
    • Direct sales by the truckload to high-volume buyers
    • Internet auctions of truckload and pallet quantities on our B2B liquidation Web site,
    • Sales of individual items on our consumer bargain shopping site,

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