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Quickly move store returns and excess and closeout inventory off your books.

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Excess inventory
off your books and out of your warehouse

Every year retailers and manufacturers accumulate huge volumes of unsold merchandise. From returns to damaged goods to overstocks, these products clog warehouses and inflate overhead.

Fortunately, these products aren’t dead assets. They’re revenue makers.

A Maturing Market

The market for liquidation products is huge - $127 billion in the United States alone.

A closer look shows that B2C sellers (mostly retailers, online, auctions and flea markets) source their product from liquidators. Within liquidators, there are resellers that buy from large liquidators and repair and refurbish or sort for higher value, and then resell the products to B2C sellers.

Yet, the market is still maturing. Traditional methods of disposing assets, such as liquidation sales and auctions, remain popular. However, they reach too few buyers.

As a result, recovery values are suppressed and profitable purchase opportunities remain untapped.

From Dust to Dollars

With the glut of unsold products gathering dust in their warehouses, companies are now turning to third party logistics firms to handle liquidation. These companies have three clear objectives: reduce their costs, maximize warehouse space and get the highest recovery for their assets.

GENCO Marketplace offers a full range of liquidation services that helps companies achieve these objectives, including:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Warehousing and transportation
  • Financial settlement

As the leading B2B wholesaler of liquidation inventory, GENCO Marketplace remarkets liquidation products to discount retailers and entrepreneurs such as flea marketers, auctioneers, thrift shop operators and eBay power sellers.

GENCO Marketplace offers retailers and manufacturers flexibility with two service options:

  • Sell products on a consignment basis, and GENCO keeps a portion of the sale as a commission.
  • Purchase the inventory outright from companies and keep 100% of the sale price. This immediately removes the assets from the books and gets companies their cash fast.

The GENCO Difference

Using processes and technology developed for GENCO’s reverse logistics solution, we scan and inspect your products in our warehouses, then categorize them by factors such as type, age and condition.

GENCO then markets product through the liquidation channel that best meets your objectives. Our channels include:

  • Direct sales by the truckload to targeted, high-volume buyers
  • Internet auctions of pallet quantities on GENCO’s B2B Web site (
  • Sales of individual items on GENCO’s B2C Web site (, eBay and other B2C e-commerce site

GENCO Marketplace’s consultative, relationship-based approach benefits all parties.

Buyers realize higher profits and spend less time sourcing, while sellers clear their books and enjoy greater recovery values.

Comprehensive Third-Party Logistics Services Combined with Inventory Liquidation Services

GENCO is one of a select few third-party logistics (3PL) providers that can combine inventory liquidation services with comprehensive distribution and reverse logistics services for a total Product Lifecycle Logistics solution.

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