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Excess Inventory Liquidation

Liquidating excess inventory is a unique challenge. Because it’s new product, you want to maximize your recovery value. At the same time, you need to liquidate quickly to make room in your store or warehouse for newer, fast-moving items.

GENCO Marketplace can purchase and resell this at-risk inventory. Thousands of large-volume buyers look to us as a source for new, shelf-ready product.

GENCO Value Drivers for Excess Inventory Liquidation

  • Good Returns on Seasonal Products - We purchase seasonal products so you can liquidate seasonal and holiday inventory for a good return. GENCO Marketplace will purchase this surplus liquidation product when most national, off-price retailers will not. Our buyers take and store the product until the next selling season. As a result, we can make a strong competitive cash offer for your excess inventory.
  • Maximum Return on Large Volumes - National discount retailers often don’t buy large volumes of one SKU. As an inventory liquidation company, GENCO Marketplace can purchase hundreds of thousands of a single SKU, because we resell to many retailers in different markets.
  • Brand Protection - Our defacing services, export capabilities and channel-compliance management ensure that secondary market sales do not compromise retail sales of your first-quality product.

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