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Medical Device Logistics

medical device logistics

Medical devices are about precision. The same is true for medical device logistics support, for which accurate, on-time, regulatory-compliant delivery is imperative.

GENCO is an experienced healthcare logistics provider that meets all federal and state regulatory requirements for medical device distribution. We manage distribution for several manufacturers of instruments, implants, serialized capital goods, mobility products and diagnostic equipment.

This portfolio continues to provide us hands-on experience with fulfillment, loaner kits, consigned goods and RFID - enabled returns to branches and regional solution centers.

GENCO Value Drivers for Medical Device Warehouse Logistics and Transportation

  • Safety and Security - cGMP-compliant medical device warehouse facilities ensure the highest standards for security, sanitation and safety for your high-value inventory.
  • Complete Visibility - A few clicks through our convenient Web interface give you complete visibility to your medical device supply chain.
  • Detailed Tracking - Tier-1 warehouse management systems (WMS) enable you to trace devices to the lot level.
  • Daily Updates - Stay in complete control of operational performance with key performance indicators, which are monitored daily and posted online.
  • Ongoing Value - Our in-house quality-improvement team drives ongoing process improvement and cost reductions.
  • Accurate, On-time Deliveries - Transportation logistics, with a specialty in parcel management, gets your product where it needs to be, when it needs to be at the lowest possible cost.
  • Real-Time Metrics in Your Pocket - We have a very active mobile device strategy that is rolling out iOS and Android support of real-time performance-management dashboards.

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