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Healthcare Supply Chain
a shifting landscape shaped by innovation, efficiency and cost savings

Ordering devices and medications. Tracking changes to surgery schedules and treatment regimens. Ensuring that critical supplies and devices are delivered at the prescribed time and readily available for surgeries. And, having all the technology systems in synchronization to ensure real-time visibility to outbound orders, available inventory, reverse logistics moves, and procedure schedules.

These are only a few of the many processes that have to be designed, implemented, and meticulously executed in the healthcare field to ensure no patient’s care is impacted by non-conforming activities.

The healthcare industry is undergoing dramatic changes while providers strive to improve the cost, quality, and availability of affordable healthcare. Consider what’s going on in the industry currently:

  • Manufacturers of drug, devices, and diagnostics are under unprecedented margin pressures
  • Biosimiliars are following the path of generic drugs and establishing a foothold in the market
  • Regulatory agencies across the globe are decreasing approvals of new products while increasing storage and handling requirements for certain product classes
  • Providers are challenged by declining reimbursement rates based on patient outcomes, combined with a burgeoning populace of patients insured under the ACA.

The industry must find a way to satisfy these competing events while improving the quality of patient care.

The good news is that GENCO is actively partnering with customers to make progress. With the willingness to collaborate versus compete, to design innovative solutions with the patient in mind, and to have the capital and talent to back such innovations, we fuel your success – even in this challenging environment. It is a time for Leaders to emerge, and GENCO's Healthcare team is ready for the challenge.

Delivering Results

In the healthcare industry, perhaps more than any other, the outcomes of patient care can be influenced by logistics decisions in several ways. Let’s explore some of the logistical hurdles healthcare manufacturers, retailers, and providers face every day.

Product life cycles are shortening with the advent of diagnostics and biological based treatment regimens, and your supply chain has to keep pace. Products are moving more quickly to market, and in smaller batches with shorter expiration dating and more stringent handling requirements.

Combine these factors with trends toward consumer health treatments, and the result is that manufacturers must have visibility to demand and data to drive products and services through multiple channels simultaneously. The supply chain must become more responsive - and entities not adapting to this trend must be evaluated for their long-term value.

As a leader in healthcare logistics for more than 20 years, GENCO has been executing reliably under the most demanding quality and regulatory pressures. Over 75 of the top organizations in the drug, device, diagnostics, and retail verticals trust GENCO with segments of their supply chain. But, in the ever-shifting landscape of healthcare logistics, we also acknowledge that even executing today’s operations flawlessly will not meet the needs of the industry in the future.

That’s why our customers receive true Lifecycle solutions by capitalizing on synchronized logistics services from inbound raw materials to and including final end-of-life destruction and disposition.

While managing drugs, devices, and diagnostics, there is no margin for error when it comes to compliance. To ensure your standards are consistently upheld, GENCO has the knowledge, experience and technology to meet your exacting quality standards, as well as those of Federal, State, and local regulatory agencies.

Customers benefit from innovative best-of-breed technology via validated RedPrairie® and Manhattan warehouse management system deployments, and a continuous improvement methodology that consistently leads to cost takeouts, efficiencies and improved productivity – without comprising quality or compliance.

Our Product Lifecycle Logistics® services include network optimization, inbound freight management, warehousing and distribution, transportation management, reverse logistics, and business analytics that track progress towards the objectives of the optimized network. We say what we do, and we do what we say when it comes to delivering value throughout your supply chain.

Six GENCO distribution facilities have been awarded VAWD accreditation.
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