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It’s a government in transition.

Federal, state and local governments are all trying to do more with less. At the federal level, discipline in processes is every day’s goal.

When it comes to support for its major projects, whether warehousing and distribution/ operations, base operations and retail logistics, or transportation analysis and management, the government seeks contractors who can deliver services and solutions that not only achieve the established objectives but also are in alignment with a lean, cost-savings approach.

A Few Good Partners

Government projects range in annual revenue from tens of millions of dollars to upwards of $100 million and more.

The pool of candidates bidding on these projects isn’t limited to government contractors.

GENCO, the leader in Product Lifecycle Logistics® solutions, leverages our proven commercial best practices with operational expertise to effectively manage government logistics operations. These government projects require many of the same services and skills as do our commercial projects.

Established in 2003, GENCO’s dedicated government unit can handle all logistics requirements for a government or defense supply chain from distribution of new products and equipment to end-of-life disposal and product recycling.

You’ll have access to the industry’s thought leaders and best operators from the following logistics disciplines:

  • Warehousing and Distribution - For equipment and service parts
  • Transportation Logistics - Across all modes of transport
  • Reverse Logistics - To manage the take-back of useable equipment and reassign it to other government organizations
  • Inventory Liquidation - To resell government property and maximize recovery value on obsolete assets

The GENCO Difference

Backed by a reputation of outstanding contract performance, GENCO brings significant value to the table beyond the services we offer:

  • Excellent relationships with contracting officers
  • Respect for our competence and ability to interact with the government
  • A Lean Six Sigma approach that adds quality and drives out waste
  • Proven track record of success in highly similar business models
  • Our culture and passion for continuous improvement
  • Innovation that leads to efficiency and cost savings

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