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Warehouse Management Systems

Having the right warehouse management system (WMS) is critical to running an accurate, efficient distribution operation. As such, GENCO has invested in the industry’s most advanced warehouse management systems to maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.

A WMS tracks the movement of individual units to provide real-time data that can be used to improve procurement and freight management.

GENCO provides a variety of means to configure the WMS infrastructure. One option is to deploy in a “cloud” environment. Cloud computing often provides a low-cost solution that allows for a high volume of work with no impact to workflow in a secure environment.

Cloud computing reduces costs in multiple ways including reducing or eliminating localized data center, shorter “time to live” application implementations and real time communication and documentation.

Warehouse Management Systems Used Across GENCO

  • D-LogPLUS® - GENCO’s proprietary WMS offers all the efficiencies of a Tier-1 package and is scalable to any size operation.
  • Manhattan Associates® - Manhattan provides a Tier-1 WMS technology with uncompromising execution to drive both efficiency and elasticity into supply chain management. Manhattan’s WMS is an extremely scalable and powerful tool that can be deployed in a variety of scenarios to automate and optimize every touch point in your supply chain network.
  • JDA/RedPrairie® - JDA/RedPrairie provides the benefits of a Tier-1 WMS without the capital costs, integration headaches, and technical support requirements. JDA/RedPrairie optimizes every move—from raw materials to finished goods—enabling agile, productive and Lean distribution operations. This translates into lower distribution costs for you.
  • R-Log® Returns Management Software - A critical component of reverse logistics management is GENCO's proprietary R-Log® reverse logistics software, which manages the reverse flow of products, information and cash from the point of receipt through final disposition. R-Log is most comprehensive and flexible reverse logistics software available. It is used worldwide across multiple industry segments to streamline processing of store returns.

Armstrong Associates, an independent consultant that evaluates 3PL providers, commented that "GENCO is a technological generation ahead of most . . . 3PLs."

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