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The size, scale, and experience to help with any warehousing and distribution challenge

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15 Years
the average time a customer stays with GENCO

GENCO has the size, scale and experience to help with any warehousing and distribution challenge. We are the leader in Product Lifecycle Logistics®, managing 32 million square feet of distribution warehouse space across North American operations.

But we don’t equate bigger with better. In fact, our growth is best measured by the fact that our warehousing and distribution customers stay with us a very long time - 15 years on average. They’re loyal because we continue to add value in new ways, year after year.

Comprehensive Warehousing and Distribution Services

  • Distribution Center Operations - Our full range of services includes real estate, facility design, start-up/transition and day-to-day management.
  • Distribution Network Optimization - Consulting services backed by advanced data analysis and modeling tools determine the right location, size and inventory mix for your distribution warehousing operations.
  • Warehouse Design - Our experienced industrial engineers apply their operational expertise to develop the optimal layout for your facility.
  • Order Fulfillment - We manage high-volume, pick and pack operations, including e-commerce fulfillment.
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) - Best-of-breed, Tier-1 systems support warehousing and fulfillment operations.
  • Warehouse Technology - Warehouse automation helps to improve productivity and reduce labor costs.

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