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Logistics Case Studies

King Me

New Slotting Design and Lean Efforts Jump-Start DC Productivity

A distribution center for a major distributor of industrial, safety and fastener products was experiencing declining picking productivity, resulting primarily from an inefficient slotting design. Other contributing factors were congested aisles and commingled SKUs.

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Consumer & Industrial Industry

  • Getting Techy with Continuous Improvement Leads to Rave Results

    Is it possible to “hit the wall” when it comes to continuous improvement? GENCO greeted with those questions with a “tear down this wall” attitude.

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  • Never Satisfied

    A consumer products goods manufacturer needed to control labor expenses; GENCO recognized several opportunities to do this through Lean initiatives.

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  • Cleaning Ware(house)

    A leading household cleaning, personal care products and food manufacturing company was experiencing high labor costs, an inflexible labor structure and declining relationships in its distribution network.

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  • GENCO Warehouse Experiment Delivers Peak Performance

    Working with 2 other partners, GENCO discovers the recipe for reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and improving productivity at a customer's warehouse.

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  • Mapping the Future

    Declining productivity, high operational costs, inefficient utilization of labor, non-value-added processes and increased safety risks were hindering efficiency in a distribution center.

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  • Staying Put

    A global manufacturer was planning to build a new distribution center close to its existing DC to accommodate a reorganization of its network and consolidate distribution.

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  • Relishing Great Results

    An international producer of healthy, convenient and affordable foods was struggling to maintain an efficient, cost-effective supply chain.

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  • Sweet Pickings

    The leader in the dark and premium chocolate industry needed to update its order fulfillment and distribution center network.

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Healthcare Industry

  • Extra Care

    The retailer turned to its existing third-party logistics partner, GENCO, to analyze the problem and develop a solution to improve the process, address visibility issues and maintain compliance.

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  • Transition With Surgical Precision

    An international medical device company was falling short of inventory and process accuracy goals in its U.S. operations. In addition, the company was switching its global systems to SAP®

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  • Excellence on Display

    A healthcare industry customer turned to GENCO to create price stability, cost reductions and future growth opportunities in their display and packaging center. The previous 3PL had failed to make the correct adjustments. This is how GENCO delivered.

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  • Packing Lean

    A packaging and display operation that produces floor-ready displays for retail customers of a global healthcare company sought to improve productivity efficiencies and increase utilization of equipment.

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Retail Industry

  • The $19 Million Challenge

    A major Canadian retailer needed to reduce the incidence of over, shorts, and damages (O, S, & D) claims at its 1.25-million-sq.-ft. distribution center. These claims represented 3.85% of inventory shipped, resulting in losses of over $19 million.

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  • All the Right Moves

    A major retailer with approximately 1,700 stores nationwide processed returns at one facility and ran its online liquidation operations in a different facility 300 miles away.

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  • Return Central

    A major national retailer of home improvement and construction products and services was plagued by an inefficient reverse logistics process.

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Technology Industry

  • Improving Testing Accuracy

    Eliminating subjectivity, reducing human error, and ensuring that customers don't receive bad units, was a challenge facing one tier-one cable provider.

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  • On the Right Track

    GENCO, which had been providing technical and softwaredevelopment services to the wireless telecommunications company for nearly 20 years, committed to performing this custom configuration as part of the fulfillment process. This required the expertise of two GENCO teams: Technical Services, which developed a custom software application, and Operations, which successfully implemented the solution.

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  • "Carrier-ing" On

    A major U.S. telecommunications company with three discrete divisions needed to control expenses while leveraging its growing parcel-shipping expenditures.

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  • Intelligent Move

    A large retailer that averages 3,500 shipments per month across three customer classes and 49 major customer families was relying on an inefficient, labor-intensive process to meet reporting requirements.

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  • No Traffic Jam

    A major manufacturer of compact construction and utility equipment had eliminated its traffic department, which handled the contracting and bidding of truckload carriers.

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  • A Nutritional Model

    A large nutritional supplement retailer that had experienced rapid growth was challenged to maintain its competitive advantage. The retailer’s transportation network was hampered by infrequent store deliveries, an excessive number of carriers, diverse modes and high costs.

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  • Power Drive

    By acquiring consumer products companies in the lawn and garden and home power equipment industries, and making major inroads internationally with manufacturing plant openings in China and the Czech Republic, an outdoor power equipment manufacturer was growing dramatically.

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  • Tuned Up

    A new bid process sparks savings and improved freight management. An auto parts reseller needed to reduce transportation costs and update its transportation management system.

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