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The power of today’s consumer has never been more apparent as manufacturers and retailers adjust their business models in response to changing purchase patterns.

Emerging from the proliferation of omni-channel options and the effects on placement and quantities of inventory are new processes in retail - from order fulfillment to returns management.

In turn, manufacturers have had to change too. This entails responding to changes in order profiles, being more flexible to meet retailers’ needs and even rethinking the functions and process flows of their distribution operations to improve efficiency in processes.

In fact, virtually every aspect of the way retailers and manufacturers conduct business, both individually and collaboratively, is transforming.

In this new environment, all parts of the supply chain - from the manufacturers to transportation providers to warehouses to distribution centers to the retail stores themselves - need to serve individual consumers placing orders, whether in-store, online, via a catalog or on their mobile devices.

For example, truckload quantities of product being delivered to retail stores on a regular schedule are being replaced by smaller packages being delivered to homes on a more-frequent, less-predictable basis.

Also, manufacturers are tapping in to “big data” to analyze demand trends at a granular level to ensure that their in-stock levels at every store and distribution center match local buying patterns.

The bottom line is, both retailers and manufacturers need to rethink, if not redefine, the most basic tenets of how they deliver products to their customers.

Meeting these new challenges requires a balance of collaboration, visibility, innovation and proactivity.

A Better Way

As the consumer and industrial industry has grown, an increasing number of manufacturers are looking outside their four walls to third party logistics (3PL) providers to manage their supply chains. They don’t want a company to come on board just to be a “box mover.” They want a strategic 3PL partner.

Information needs to be accessible immediately. Inventory and order confirmations can’t be delayed. Operations and systems and transportation must be in sync.

With profit margins dipping and distribution networks struggling to adapt to the new consumer-retailer-distributor landscape, more and more manufacturers are looking to focus on their core competencies. Often, managing the supply chain falls outside of this comfort zone.

So, their question is, “Can someone do this better than us?”

The answer is yes.

A Trusted Partner

GENCO, the leader in Product Lifecycle Logistics®, combines packaging, warehousing, transportation, reverse logistics and liquidation services into tailored, single-source solutions for today’s consumer packaged goods companies.

As a trusted partner to top manufacturers in the industry, GENCO does the strategic thinking and in-depth analysis necessary to improve your entire supply chain and make sure you’re in alignment with your retail or customer partners and the ultimate consumers.

GENCO’s total solution features:

  • Cradle-to-grave coverage - From front-end distribution services to returns processing and end-of-life disposition, GENCO has your logistics needs covered.
  • Network analysis - Is the location of your inventory causing a spike in your transportation costs and damaging your customer service? GENCO can identify the optimal location for your warehouse(s) that will save you money and reduce speed to market.
  • Distribution center design - Our expert engineers can optimize the layout of your facility to maximize flexibility and productivity, while enhancing efficiency.
  • Transparency - Supply chains will break down if information and communication stay on parallel tracks. GENCO’s operational and systems experience combined with best practices ensures that the right people in your operation know critical information when they need to know it, and not a moment later.
  • Continuous improvement - “What gets measured gets done . . . better” is how GENCO approaches our responsibility managing your operation. We’re always looking for ways to improve processes, reduce waste, increase productivity and drive savings.
  • Capital investments - GENCO is willing and has the financial ability to make the investment in equipment and automation necessary to keep your operation at peak efficiency.
  • Technology - Offering Tier-1 warehouse management systems, GENCO ensures the accurate, efficient execution of distribution processes with complete visibility.
  • Innovation - The marketplace is constantly changing. What works today probably won’t tomorrow. GENCO doesn’t wait—we innovate.

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